The Canine Consultants have specialized in dog training and helping people solve their problems since 1989. Any dog, of any age, of any breed, can be trained at Canine Consultants. Each client training begins with a private, $50 half-hour initial lesson, which allows the trainer to identify the owner’s problem areas, interests, and goals. He then uses his experience to diagnose and create a personalized course of action. In his 37 years of experience, owner and trainer Trevor Bassen has taught over 80,000 private lessons. Using his knowledge, he is able to tackle an expansive range of issues and problem behaviors, as well as the most effective way to communicate to your pet. In this initial class, the owner is able to ask questions and gain a greater understanding of training options available. At this time, the owner can enter into an agreement to begin training, or may contact The Canine Consultants at a later date when they are ready to begin classes.

As professional trainers, The Canine Consultants allows owners to start classes at any time — there are no set startup dates! Classes are available Monday through Thursday from 2:00pm – 9:00pm, every half hour! The Canine Consultants offer both private and group lessons. Most owners begin privately, since 80% of the training is relationship-based, and must be developed on an individual basis. It is also an advantage to dogs and their owners to develop basic obedience commands and handling skills prior to going to a group class. Take as few or as many classes as you’d like — we offer classes per lesson as well as on an unlimited basis. Here’s how it works…

Per Lessons are for owners who need only a few lessons to accomplish their goals, or to test the waters to determine if more lessons are needed.
Private Half-hour: $50
Private Hour: $100
Single Group Lesson: $25
Unlimited Groups: $150

Owners attend $50 private half-hour lessons once a week, practice at home, and return the next week to add additional training to their routine. The once a week is most consistent, owners are able to freely schedule their lessons based on their availability. Once a week, once a month — it’s up to you! Typically most owners require an average of 8-10 private lessons prior to moving into groups, though many owners may only need 3-5 lessons to accomplish their goals. As a prerequisite to attend groups, the owner and their dog must know basic obedience commands and handling skills, and have an understanding of day-to-day management. As well as basic obedience, all problem behaviors will be addressed in private lessons. Once an owner has an understanding of these things, they can move into group lessons. Group lessons are an opportunity for owners and dogs to socialize, and apply their training to real-life situations. Group classes meet three times a week, and owners may attend any or all. The more you come, the better they get! On a continual basis, new dogs rotate out of private lessons and into group lessons, which means your dog gets to meet new dogs in every class. Groups are available per lesson for $25 or unlimited for $150. Owners attend group classes until their needs are met, and at any time in the dog’s life they need a brush-up, pop in for more groups. It’s unlimited!

Call and set up your $50 initial lesson today!